How to get involved:

.  Decide that you want to devote some part of your birthday celebration to benefit other children in Alaska.
2.  Contact us to sign up for your birthday! (multiple kids and kids of all ages can sign up for any day of the year)

3.  Choose an activity that you would enjoy and would also help other kids in a meaningful way. 

​    Some ideas:(Please send us some other ideas that we can add to this list):

​​    *Clean up a park or playground
    *Make and sell craft items
    *Work at a soup kitchen
    *Conduct a food drive
    *Plant a garden​
    *Collect coats, gloves/mittens, and hats
    *Collect and donate school supplies​
    *Sponsor a sports day to encourage getting exercise
    *Volunteer to read stories to smaller kids at the library
    *Have an "a-thon" of some kind to raise money (jumping rope, running laps, skiing laps, hula-hooping, pogo-        stick jumping, shooting baskets, etc.)
    *Have a bake sale
    *Sell Lemonade
    *Volunteer at your school ​​​​​​​
    *Collect or make and donate items for an animal shelter​
    *Share one of your skills with others and help them learn about it (Taekwondo, ballet, music, art, singing, ​         etc.)
    *Share something about your culture with other kids (customs, traditions, food, stories, dances, games,
      ​songs, etc.)​
4.  Decide which organization you want to help (as appropriate).   Contact them to let them know what you are doing.  They'll be really happy to know you want to support them.  Also, they may be able to provide help and other resources.​​​​​​
5.  Get your friends and family involved to plan and participate in the activity.​
6.  Provide the goods/services/time/funds/ideas to the organization or group you have selected.
7.  Celebrate and be proud of to be making a positive difference!​​
8.  ​​​​Send us an email at with the date and details of what you did (a picture would be great).  We'll post your activity on the website and keep a calendar for the birthdays of all of the kids who participate.  We will also post ideas for tactivities that can help make a difference for kids in Alaska.

Thanks for being a great kid and wanting to make a postive difference!​​
Alaska Kids for Kids
An Alaska-based, youth-led non-profit corporation.  100% of proceeds donated to youth services in Alaska.
If you want electronic access to the current Alaska Kids for Kids logo (at left) for your project or idea, please send us an email.