Here are some examples of Alaska Kids for Kids activities and recognition. 
Alaska Kids for Kids
May 2011
Sarah and her friends deliver the gifts and "Birthday Party in a Bag" donations to AWAIC in Anchorage. They got to speak with one of the center directors at AWAIC to learn about what the center does and how it helps kids.  Their donation was published in the AWAIC newsletter and they each got certificates for being good citizens.
May 2011
Sarah and her friends assembled Birthday Parties in Bag for AWAIC Center in Anchorage.  A "Birthday Party in a Bag" has all of the fixings necessary for a party for 8:  cake mix, frosting, candles, cups, forks, napkins and party favors!  They made 24 of them and collected new gifts to donate to kids staying at the center so they could choose a new gift and have a party on their birthday.
August 2012
​On her 10th birthday, Sarah and her friends had a jewelry making party.  That jewelry and some of the additional  40 earring and bracelet sets that Sarah made over the summer were exchanged for a suggested donation of $7.00 each at the Kid's Flea Market/Spenard Farmer's Market in Anchorage and the Providence Gift Shop. Proceeds will go to the Child Life program at the Alaska Children's Hospital at Providence in Anchorage.  She raised $1500. 
August 2012
Sarah being filmed and interviewed at the Spenard Farmer's Market by Abby Hancock, a reporter for the NBC/KTUU Channel 2 news.
An Alaska-based, youth-led non-profit corporation.  100% of proceeds donated to youth services in Alaska.
August 2012 
This is what the packaged jewelry sets look like.  The earrings and bracelets are put inside plastic envelopes and stapled inside each side of a notecard with Alaska Kids for Kids information printed on the outside.  When the cards are open and standing up, they make their own "stand" to display the jewelry set inside.  When the note cards are closed, the sides are tied together with a pretty ribbon and slipped into an envelope with a handwritten thank you note on the outside of the envelope.
Video from Alaska NBC KTUU Channel 2 News segment featuring Alaska Kids for Kids that aired on Sunday August 26, 2012.  Click on arrow to start video. Click on small box in lower right corner for full screen view.
Fall 2012: Donating $1500 funds raised rom jewelry to Children's Hospital at Providence Child Life Program.

Donations to Passage House/Covenant House for homeless teen mothers and their babies and volunteering as a mother's helper.
2015: Dedication of Saran's Playground at Passage House built by members of Alaska National Guard

Donation of babysitting funds to Foster Kids of Alaska to fill backpacks for foster kids transitioning to new homes. 
2014: Recognition as Youth In Philanthropy Winner for Association of Fundraising Professionals 
2014 Recognition as ACS Summer of Heroes Award Winner

1st Annual Skate a Thon to raise funds for Clare House (Catholic Social Services) and participating youth groups.  featuring Olympic Skater Keegan Messing and UAA Seawolves Hockey team. $3000 raised.
2015: Spirit of Youth Recognition by Anchorage School District Board

2nd Annual Skate a Thon to raise funds for Children's Lunch Box (Bean's Cafe) and participating Youth Groups. $5500 raised. 

3rd Annual Skate a Thon to raise funds for Sparc (a program of Arc of Anchorage) and participating youth groups. Featuring Special Olympics Skaters.  $3300 raised. 

4th Annual Skate a Thon to raise funds for Girl Scouts of Alaska and participating youth groups.  $3000 raised.